Birds of a Feather
designed by: Putchy


"Senses intoxication by my very heart
Unsaid words from her huge gaze
Chiaroscuro deep sloth
Comings and goings nonchalance.."

I must acknowledge that I tried
and translated some of my texts.

Some others on the contrary spat.




designed by:GaŽlle
DistanceDesire's sense
Phone callWaitin' for
Birds of a feather..

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In a gentlebreeze
I collected with my fingertips
A small frail and trembling little bird
Warm and confident
Which challenges me by floods
To most disconcerting feelings

Absolutely rendered it faces me
Chastely, I observe him, it discloses
Its very little legs its small wings
Its feathery silky skin that I stroke

Of my nose then of my cheek
His tiny erected beak the one I tease
With tiptongue thus it snorts
Bends and pours out by waves

I kiss it to full lips anew
Its wee body quivers faithfully
Delivers itself in a swing
To my craziest desires

In unison, I know itís carrying me away
In a different way skyward and faraway
My so lovely disillusioned buzzard
Startles our flee in one sole orgasm

The late nestling is now a sultry eagle
Which flies me apart on his wings
A fluid felicity pours out his eyes
And I lick its sob with emotion

We will merge one in another from now on
Beyond human horizons
Beyond sense, beyond facts
Crawling for love we are mankind
Barking and growl, they are degeneration

designed by Lisaplume

Chicken coop's dream

It seems to me strange
The way we used to love
You were telling
You'd love me until death
I only kept the echo
Time went far ago

How bizarre it sounds
Thinking of it
I had a dream last night
I had found you
And you were you

We talked
It was a if
We had never split
You bunked over me
And we kissed
Even I kissed you

Had this moment forever last
Hadn't I stop it
Others were gazing at us
Like in the past
And I scrammed
Just like I used to

I remember one's consideration
How disgusting we seemed to be
Why even today
Even in my dreams
My flesh barks and my hand falls

Am I so repulsive
And won't you appear ever again
I only remember how soft was your skin
How full was your mouth
How truly I love you
And chicken I am with or without you

designed by : GaŽlle

"She is beautiful my angel
And her soul is thus done
She defies every queer one.."


Her mouth close to mine
I have to dare
A yellowish-red sugared peach in summertime
And that's nothing to say

Her skin close to my skin
Why do I tell
The most perfect love that I spell
In a nutshell

She is a simple wonder
To prophesy in a sigh
Another little thing, gooseberries
And my whole life is but desire

She is beautiful my angel
And her soul is thus done
She defies every queer one
Every single weird, the every worlds of poets

Cucumbers in brine

Would you be mine ?
I'd be your valentine
No mess no fuss nor shrine
A truthful early sunshine

No self sufficient promises
Nor regular sicknesses
Be as easy as you are
I'd love you more

If possible..

Should I be thine
And sheets for dime
Short breath of lust for times
And faith for rhyme

No dead ends nor tears
No self secure esteem
Be my only me so far
Fucked till core

Deepest renewal..

It'll be as fine
And creepy and divine
Have my rest on your chest
My hands onto your sex

Be my relentless angel
My tongue 'd have your nest for fringe
Of human dreams even blind ones
Narrowly tied halo of warmth surrounds

Be my hell I'd be your trustworthy devil..


And despite her slumber
She took me in arms, hers
In the sheets down under
Who was she looking for ? me

designedby Lisaplume


Windís furling items and embracing them
Infinite softness, unlimited it strokes
Crystalline waterfalls, renewal
Suave torpor, feline laziness

Senses intoxication by my very heart
Unsaid words from her huge gaze
Chiaroscuro deep sloth
Comings and goings nonchalance

I will go through drizzle and so far
Further more, foreboding resentfully
On a wave, your inebriating odour
From thrills, to love, to have been loved



Had the sun forgotten to rise up alike
Just this morning
Had it nevertheless
But hadn't I notice

Like if hours, minutes, days it seems
Absolutely don't care
Extend with no aim
Recuring, recuring always


And even words loose their sense
I've got a screw loose, without you

Without you
Hush !.


Birds of a feather..

Birds of a feather flock together
And after all there's so many differences between us
Is it then something essential
That glues us and covers

So far I can remember
No thing have I ever fathom
No feeling ever grown or blossomed
Redeems my need for you

Is it that you complete more
Than you differ is it or
Shall we soulful consider
That nothing but love matters

A new world has emerge
As cute as a frail flower
As deep as a forever
And so forceful I stick her



Letís imagine one sole moment first or least
To only you would it be dedicate
Would it be depicting you, your attendance, your omissions.
My memories arenít all but lost
Even abysses arenít as sharp as they used to be
Cause whatever may be
We loved one another

Imagine there were one sole world in world
Even one colossal
I would go
I would know and retrieve you
Youíre unalterable
In corpse and body Iíve got you tattooed
And in soul, in simpering, my every sighing
My every vision engraved
As far as I can gaze

Exists so many obstacles
All impassable
There are words for it
To circumscribe and exorcise them
Friendship, tenderness, collusion
Intention, desire, secrets.. and others
Youíre my lifelong angel
My gate to the stars
And how many other dimensions

Evoking just you
And us
Us that Iím dying to find back
Let it flee apart never again
That should be possible til about two decades nope ?
But every minute I think of you is an eternity
And every second spent in your arms
Every drip of your lips in a kiss
An absofully universe


Distance (stances)

On your lips, even in your arms
Our most powerful hugs along
Thatís never close enough
Iíd want you to have me
In skin, in soul, deep in yourself
Should distance never wreck me again

Just as it does those times
Wherein blue is jet-black
Wherein life scrams deathly
Wherein Iím smothering and croaking but
Remains this one ton mine body
To do what with it and what yet ?

Youíre the one rendering me to future
From comings and goings of your every sigh
Every marine wave of a woman
A divinity to alarmed senses, mine

Youíre the she-one who will make me engrave
Our two names for Godís sake
With blood on the Wall to eternity
Each caress and every unsaid word

Youíre this she-one


Desire's sense

You I contemplate, me you look at
Your eyes glare
Twinkle of a thousand fires
Precious times gem

I hear your silences
Taking wing for different heavens
Fire exquisite caresses
A just two little world ?

I respire you and inebriate
Poison intoxicating
Compulsions, feverish tremors
I savour and delight

An explorer, faithful adept
Sweat drops, my island
Your triangle next to mine
"Bermudas" !



Just got a knife shot spear
I've been used to get some
For the very first time once upon
That blade is not sharp but soft
Wound is not putrid but inebriates
That's no blood that floods but ink

I remember you of yore
But that wasn't you really
Cautious and mellow
But that wasn't you really

An unbearable human logorrhoea
Was yours !
I fell apart
I kept reminding me of it ! nightmares !

And I begged and bowed for words, more
That I couldn't listen

Your voice was such a lullaby
The just way you were speaking..

I was devoted to your gaze
To your eyes
I was to your fugitive smile
Just to a tiny little like
Air puff
As one dies with love suffocating

designed by Alexandra
Rťalisation de portrait ŗ partir d'une photo


My love for you
My figures of you
Feelings, memories, desires

Fearmetronic fluctuates

Venomous pulsations
My ambition of you
My conscious dream, of you
Investigations, tortures, aversions


Your little hands
In mine
Your magnifiscent body
Straight close to mine


designed by GaŽlle

Phone call

I'd like anti-loneliness pills
Women in bottles, doctor
To drink till the dregs
Rather than tangle with all these lines
Being linked to prospect that it rings
More than to my life foremost !

Meanwhile would I hung myself from beatitude
When you call me sweetheart ;-)
Got I on the mug such a stupidity..
Then I'd strangle from despair
Never give one's body to anyone
Then consuming it, this flame !

This passion, those illusions
Malevolent invention those leads one to believe
That you are in
But that you're nope too


Waitin' for

Trustin' that love whenever may be
Oh exhausted waitin' say free
Restating day after day, night for night
Why not, why not now
Mercy for ones that don't know
Even for souls and vivid corpses
Lost in loneliness n witnesses

Without you life is depth a fight..



I'm in luv with my computer
Mine body electronics synchro with processor
Translated this sends so many zero or one
Fool of brightness and hoping me good

And tremendous waves of softness on screen
Astonish me, take my surfs away
Deep faraway in aetheral spaces
Totally free and untouched

Through an entire quake of my body..
And my fingers stroke its seductive keyboard
It eviscerates my soul in no time

Who would have believe this feasible anyway
Whereas us scotched in our rancorous jails
Quivering, my pc whispers inaudible



I love your tiny smile you know
Your little grin understands me sole
Relieves me one and only
Of how many disheartened states

I go to your autumnal gaze
My refuge, like an island overall
The one last of a lost world
Where nothing's worth to believe in anymore

You're this prospect and let renew everyday
Concluding sort of an insensitive earthshaking period
Concluding overnight delusions

Cassiopea my faraway star
Beneath your sovereign legs
I love to feel as if serene

Red Venus pleasures mistress
In close bosom of yours I might discover
Quintessence of the world through your desire



Limber docile, mixed bodies of she-lovers
Weaned, an ocean of indolent sweetnesses
Joined hands of resting bloodless sexes
Of admitted caresses an angel's melody

Comings and goings, flood and re flood of desires
Unsatisfied exploration through all pleasures
Faraway worlds dangerous and unknown
Virgin islands every laziness completed

I will go underside your skin very leisurely
Lymphs, enamoured with your heart beat
Cyprin, by rhythm of your passions my love

I will attach to every smile of your glare
My life when close your eyes to listen to me
Then I half-open my lips hesitating, always


retour sommaire gťnť